Thursday, December 22, 2011

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Holiday Tradition
Every Christmas slowly slinks this way, I have an undying urge to become something of a "Suzie Home-maker meets Martha Stewart" kind of girl. Yes, my outfit is cuter (think Prada flats, skinny jeans and JCrew gingham shirts) but I have that crazy desire to make all kinds of homemade gifts for people. Every year I search for great thing that can become my signature item. This year I decided I'd try my hand at french macaroons...already dreaming of how perfect they would turn out, I mean, the picture with the recipe looked like artwork so perfectly packaged with a little red bow. I had already decided that I would package my confections in mason jars (it's a southern thing...we love our mason jars) with holiday ribbon and twine. How pretty they would be and how people would love them! So, while at my family's home this past weekend, my sister and I tackled macaroons. Let's just one will be getting any...this year anyway. One whole pan burned...the other pans looked pretty but collapsed upon touching them. Who knows where we went wrong but I was so looking forward to sharing this holiday tradition with my sister. We would make macaroons every would be our thing. Somewhere during this daydream, whilst the little puffs of sugary egg whites and almonds were, became apparent that what I really crave is the togetherness, the laughing, the sharing, the talking, and well, maybe the cussing too as we discovered that we were not really destined to be macaroon mavens. And so, I suppose our holiday tradition is that my sister and I make something every year...last time it was soap, and we forgot to add several ingredients...but we were in there, in the kitchen spending time together...laughing and creating a holiday tradition that will always be fun, no matter how the food tastes or the soap smells! Next year I'm thinking of making kumquat and bay leaf garlands...or maybe spiced sugar...both very pretty and require no cooking or cooling! What's your tradition?
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