Tuesday, December 13, 2011

beta max

My love for the Longshore Gallery in New Orleans...and Ashley's insane talent is no secret! If you're having a hard time thinking of a gift for that super fun friend or that crazy Aunt who has everything...and loves the most amazing art this side of the Mississippi, then look no further than Ashley's Audrey series! Audrey, a classic in herself but with loads more glitz! My new favorite is the spectacular Beta Audrey...from the brilliant brushstrokes of the tail to their fiery attitudes, this beta takes Audrey to the max and...well, that's a household item you'll never have to upgrade! If you've had a chance to check out The Longshore studio in person you know it's chocked full of so much perfection that it would be hard to choose just one item...if you've never been...might I suggest adding it to your "things to do" list! You won't be disappointed!
image credit: sarah ashley longshore

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