Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thursday's things

Chargrilled/Charbroiled Oysters
There's nothing better than a chargrilled oyster...all that buttery goodness laced with pecorino, garlic and cayenne! The husband and I are huge fans of Drago's Restaurant who claim their charbroiled oysters are "often imitated but never duplicated"...and the Acme Oyster House chargrilled oysters are beyond good! So, after craving these little bivalves for the past few weeks the husband shucked 3 dozen of these beauties, whipped up the butter sauce, and set them ablaze! We had a nice dinner al fresco last night...thank goodness the temps are still mild. Now, pair that with the fresh french loaf we used for sopping up that liquid gold floating in each opalescence shell...and...well, we were in heaven! We've already ordered 9 dozen for Christmas eve dinner...coupled with the husband's gumbo...won't Santa be excited to get something other than cookies!

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