Thursday, November 4, 2010


What causes people to stop living in the present and start living in a bubble? Or...with a proverbial bubble, so to speak? You know them...they're the ones that walk around aimlessly, sit at our dinner tables, "listen" to our troubles, all the while glued to their phones...texting continuously. Don't get me wrong, I am not living in the dark ages, after all, I do have a blog and consider myself tech savvy and, smart...but I am not willing to give up on my present life, my friends, and my family to live with those who's faces I can not see, voices I can not hear, and tone that is deaf. These are the people I picture living in the comics,virtually motionless with word bubbles above their heads...pecking away...consumed...ironically detached and yet so attached...but to what? To words? Or to the people they are texting? So, my question is this, what is so important, so pressing, so enveloping that makes you miss out on the present...on your life? Social networking is great...I get it, I use it myself and I am grateful for the ability to reconnect with old friends and new friends alike...but, connecting with friends without any work or ironically any "face" time isn't really acceptable ALL the time...especially when you are WITH the friends that you are, well, "friends" with. I've sat quietly at lunch, in the car, and at events completely alone yet surrounded by "friends". Don't be this person. Live your life in the there for your person. Be accountable, be vocal, be unplugged. If just for a minute, look up from your keyboard, think about life before your thumbs were begging you for pain reliever, and before you were so "connected"...take a deep breath and...tell your "friends" TTYL, roll on the floor and laugh your ass off, and then...tell your friends "What's on your mind", after's quite possible they are standing right next to you! p.s. please don't "delete" me as a friend...this post/rant was not intended to belittle the connections...just as a reminder to stop for a minute sometime...don't miss out on your life and those who share it with person. BFF...right??? image credit:

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