Wednesday, November 17, 2010

pass the gravy, please

It's happening again. As it always does. That time right before Thanksgiving but...way ahead of Christmas. That time where we are met with a brisk air...a leaf filled breeze...a rush of plans...that time where we are supposed to be making menus for Thanksgiving, gearing up for the Macy's parade, a good nap and full bellies but instead we are confused, at a crossroad. We are force fed Christmas music, greeted with trees aglow and bells ringing. Every year it seems this "skip the turkey" rush begins earlier and earlier. It seems we are forgetting Thanksgiving to focus on gifts for loved ones, holiday dressings (I'm thinking sequins and navy silk case you're wondering), grand soirees, and mistletoe. I remember when I was a kid thinking that Christmas would never come. It was such a long anticipated wait that would instantly fill me with anger when my mom would lovingly tell May..."maybe you'll get it for Christmas". And then by Christmas I didn't even remember what the item was. But now as I head up the hill from the mailbox, ride in the car, turn on the television, glance across the street at the mall...I am amazed how I can't seem to get away from Christmas. It's everywhere and it's only mid-November. And so, here I am...thinking back to May...and June...and July and every subsequent month following trying to I did when I was a child...what I want for Christmas because just yesterday the Husband asked... "what do you want for Christmas". What do I want? I want to go back to the time where Christmas seemed like forever away...where we celebrated Thanksgiving, ate mounds of turkey and cranberry, were bored watching football (I mean, there are only so many hours in a day), and put our tree up in December. You see, from my perspective...when you are greeted with Christmas every single day of November it takes away from the glitz of December. I want to put my tree up in December, not eat Thanksgiving dinner around it. I want to buy presents in December, send cards in December, take photos with Santa in December, and well...stay up all night in anticipation on Christmas eve. I want to go back. Maybe it's because I'm older, maybe my parent's felt the same way, maybe I want the long awaited...come once a year...excitement that I remember as a child or...maybe it's because the tree will be dead if I put it up now! Whatever the reason, I am counting the days... "I have glimpsed our future and all I can say is...go back" - Diane Court- Say Anything

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