Thursday, October 28, 2010


Well, I'm finally back in the land of the living...ironically just in time for, day of the dead! Halloween is just a few short days away and I'm excited as ever. For years and years the husband and I would conjure up our best costumes and hit the town with friends in tow to show off our forethought...creativity...and diligent preparation. Now we have the toddler to apply all that energy to and as things would have it she's not yet the age to really adore a costume the way the husband and I still do. So alas, she will be a variety and cute as ever. The husband and I will try to muster the strength to come up with something to at least garner an honorable mention nod (note: there is no actual contest...only in our heads). Which leads me to my question...why don't adults with kids dress up for Halloween? When did it become uncool...unnecessary? Or are we just so consumed with our little ones we neglect ourselves? I'm here to tell you...Halloween is for parents too! We can still be scared...still eat enough candy to make ourselves sick...and still have a little fun on the most scariest of days. There are no rules...nothing that says you can't put your best witch boot forward and join in on the fun. We are too old to actually knock on the doors ourselves but that's what the kids are for right? Bonus...we get dressed up in full tilt costume and don't have to do the dirty work to get the candy...instead, we can hang back...hang with our friends...and revel in the fact that we are still kids at heart. Go ahead, do it for a it for the it for yourself...or, just do it to make your friends jealous! A little glitter never hurt anyone! Who's afraid of the dark now?

image credit: top -, bottom - Damien Hirst diamond encrusted skull

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