Wednesday, November 10, 2010


As mentioned before, I am a lover of fashion. I read fashion magazines cover to cover over and over again...browsing...comparing...wishing...wanting. Recently I thumbed through a book at our local uber cool Urban Outfitters. Before I continue may I just say...Urban Outfitters is a great store but, I wonder if any of the designers ever use a ruler or tape measure when designing, constructing, and assembling the clothes sold in Urban Outfitters. I am a size "small" I can usually wear any size "small" unless of course I want a different fit and then I'll opt for a "medium"...however, I tried on a long tunic sweatshirt yesterday and was shocked that the sleeves fit as if I were the Incredible Hulk while the rest of the tunic fit perfectly...and since I'm not shaped like a caricature I can only blame this on design. Back to the book...I thumbed the pages for a mere second before deciding that I must own this book. As a lover of fashion and all things related I had to have this book in my repertoire. And as I've been reading it diligently I have come to realize that fashion itself isn't necessarily what I is what I love. The book is titled I Love Your Style by Amanda Brooks. This book delves into different styles that have stood through the ages as trends came and went...and come and go. It's a handbook so to speak in developing and redeveloping your style. Because, after all...your style can change and that's a good thing sometimes. Depending on your age and trends it's a good thing high top Reeboks, layered socks, and stirrup pants evolved into Louboutin ankle boots, Wolford tights,and Chanel apres ski pants. In the short time I've had the book I have surmised...and to no surprise, that I am a "Classic" style. I grew up a prep and therefore will always have deep roots and affection for penny loafers, Bean Boots, boat totes, all things nautical, grossgrain, Lacoste, and get it (see: True Prep...or Official Preppy Handbook...also a favorite...and on my bedside table). I Mrs. Brooks suggests, been able to redevelop that style by adding some unexpected items and in turn keep my "style interesting and current". Although I am a true "Classic" style, I do love a splash of Bohemian and Eclectic. It's nice to keep people guessing and sometimes depending on the season I might need a breath of fresh (style) air. And so, my question is this...what is your style? What influences your dressing decisions? I must say that my style went out with the evening tide during my pregnancy and subsequently afterwards for a while. It's hard to pick things that won't show spit-up, sweat! But, as any southern girl would do...I got back back on the proverbial horse that bucked me off earlier and reworked my wardrobe. I love the excitement of pulling together a new outfit out of things I already own. Unexpected items worn, well...unexpectedly. Maybe not as brazen as Miss Bradshaw (think...Carrie), but a soft leather skinny belt as a wrap bracelet (think...Hermes-esque), saddle oxfords with "worn in" jeans and a sequin shirt, a boyfriend blazer with a graphic tee or a plaid skirt with a polka dot shirt. What drives you in your choices? Who is your style icon? Who wears the clothes you love? These are things that Amanda so perfectly addresses in her book. You'll love her style...her effortless advice to developing or redeveloping your look. Because after all..."You gotta have style. It helps you get up in the morning." - Diana Vreeland (former Editor in Chief at Vogue and later curator of the Costume Institute at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art) I Love Your Style - How to Define and Refine Your Personal Style - by Amanda Brooks Also mentioned and worth checking out: True Prep

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