Thursday, June 21, 2012

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LAFCO New York - House & Home Candles

So I'm new on the scene to these wonderful luxurious candles but I am completely smitten!   Each one is specially formulated with a scent to accent a room in your house, your lake house, pool house, beach house, farm house, ski house, carriage house, etc.  With rooms like Dining Room, Master Bedroom, Bathroom, Breakfast Room, Living Room, Library, etc., you're sure to find a scent that suits you and your room.  In addition to the incredible fragrance, each candle is hand poured in a glass jar that can be used as a flower vase, drinking glass (albeit a very large drinking glass), or a vessel to store whatever you need to store.  It comes with detailed instructions on removing the last bit of wax for future use of the gorgeous container.  These beauties aren't cheap so imagine my excitement when a dear friend bought it for me as a "happy" while she was on vacay in Seaside!  It may very well be the best candle ever (and she, the best friend ever)...filling every single room with a luxurious fragrance that evokes whatever mood you desire! 

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