Wednesday, October 12, 2011

wake up

What is it about this time of year? We're forced to wake up...out of the summer face the cool breeze of change. I left on Friday for a trip to the coast and returned to a yard full of leaves...seems everything is falling...even rain. I love Fall, but I hate the mood that comes along with it. It's dark earlier, dreary, and cold. I've not yet "fallen" for Fall... and after having a wonderful time with some of the best friends any girl could have, I feel like my soul needs a summer-time redo. I'm not ready for the pool to close, even though it was freezing this weekend...I'm not ready for the laziness of summer and ponytails and white jeans and flip flops to "fall" away. So, I find myself clinging to those very things. And so, as my head is in the thick gray fog...I'm dreaming of those easier days when the sun didn't tire until way past 8, weekends were endless and daydreams lasted well into the evening. Even the music changes. But, even as I'm remiss to welcome Fall with open arms...I can take comfort in knowing that it's the South and,'ll be summer again in no time. Things will be fresh, the clutch of winter will be flushed away by that first rush of salt air in our faces, grass cold on our feet, and the much anticipated call to post will mark the beginning of sunburned shoulders and breathless jaunts to the beach. Things will be reset...and our souls will awaken once more...until then...I'll bide my time with J.Crew matchstick cords, Bean Boots, cable sweaters and a little Mumford & Sons...
image credit: tumblr twisted sunshine

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