Monday, October 3, 2011

3's company

And just like that...she's "3". I can hardly believe that time has passed so quickly. No matter how often people would say..."enjoy it, it goes so fast", I just never imagined how fast it would be. Her party was a huge success...she got everything she wanted and more! We wore our matching Yo Gabba Gabba shoes and had enough icing to keep us awake until she turns "4"! Somewhere amongst all the celebrating for the toddler...the husband and I also turned another year older. We've been serenaded by the toddler's rendition of "Happy Birthday" for as long as I can remember now and, well...we've loved every minute of it! And so, at the end of the day...we've had cupcakes, cookie cake, 3 parties, loads of gifts, and more love in our hearts than we could have ever dreamt of! My toddler will be a preschooler before I know it...turning "1" was exciting, turning "2" was easy...turning "3" has been hard...for me anyway!
image credit: the toddler and me

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