Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday's things

Over the weekend I had the honor of bestowing, upon a sweet sweet friend, the gift of lingerie for her bachelorette party. In trying to figure out naughty or nice...and I'm not talking about Santa's list, I started thinking...what's the sexiest thing a girl can wear to bed. I've never really thought about it but quickly came to the conclusion that there are endless options lining storefronts with names like "Ultra Sexy", "Be Sexy", etc. But for me, I think all of that is a little presumptuous...takes the all important "girl next door" out of the equation which for me is necessary in keeping with my Southern, "who me sexy?" kinda ways. So, I thought long and hard and what I came up with over and over was, well...something very simple, and plain, and I've since found out...also named by GQ some years ago as the thing a man most liked to see a woman in. And so, that's what I got her...a man's white dress shirt...a little big...a little wrinkled...a little disheveled. Forgiving in all the right places, and revealing in others. I decided to prep it up with her soon-to-be new monogram and couldn't have been more pleased with how it turned out. Bonus is she can wear it for any occasion...not just to bed. It's the multi-tasker of lingerie! the bachelorette evening, imploded...some random boys were surveyed on what THEY thought was the sexiest thing a girl can wear to bed. And, aside from "panties that tie on the side"...(WHAT??) (Not even sure those exist?? Isn't that just a bathing suit? So confused) they too agreed that a man's shirt...their shirt was the best. Now, since I didn't have privy to any of our bride-to-be', groom-to-be's shirts, I purchased a new one. Point is, sometimes in life, the thing that is the best is the least obvious. It's effortless, comfortable...and, well maybe a little naughty too!
image credit:mackenziehoran


  1. Super classy. Super classic. I can't wait to show him!! No ties on the side here... :). And, I continually reread your poem. Swoon!


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