Thursday, September 15, 2011

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hit or MISSoni
As I'm sure everyone knows by now, Fashion phenom Missoni hit Target stores Tuesday morning...sending shoppers and online purveyors into a frenzy reminiscent of Shark Week. It was a big hit but at the same my humble opinion, it was a "Miss" as well. Sadly, everything sold out in record time bringing stores and websites to their zigzagged knees. By the time I made it to our store Tuesday afternoon (mind you, I went for toilet paper and Boots face wipes...not Missoni), it was laughable. Barely an item left, all clothes left were sized XL (cause zigzag knits aren't for everyone) and just a few hand towels, and housewares left. I did pick up a small blanket, a hand towel, and a box of stationary. I'm happy for Missoni, I mean, what an accomplishment...and, I'm happy for those people who went to get a few items that they will wear possibly for a few years at best. Which brings me to another observation...despite Missoni having a rich history as an Italian fashion house...each Target item was crafted in China...draw your own conclusions here but I'm betting these items won't be handed down in your family. Am I bitter that I only got a few items...No, but I'm bitter about the fact that something that was supposed to be for "everyone" at a price regular people could afford has been bought by people who only plan to resale at exorbitant prices on online auction sites. The good news, the brand is slated to trickle into Target stores well into October so maybe there is hope for those who didn't get anything on the first go. Then there are the stories of cart thieves and people buying one of everything or an entire lot of items...register totals in the thousands. And so, my point...I think if you make something for the masses...offered to all...then there should be a limit on items per person of the same item, online auction sites should require a waiting period for people trying to make a quick buck on a recently launched items, and should have the same quality in construction for your items at Target. Yes, yes, I understand, you make it cheaper therefore making it affordable, but hey, here's an idea...focus on a few things rather than a zillion items. So, there you have thoughts on the Missoni the end, I think it takes a little prestige away from the original items...the $800 items that are made in Italy, woven by master weavers, sold at luxury stores. I mean, now you can pay top dollar for a 'Missoni for Target' item on ebay, or you could pay top dollar for the 'real thing'...conundrum indeed...but I know what I'd choose!
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