Tuesday, May 31, 2011

tiger town

The husband and I have returned from tiger town and are both exhausted and excited to have spent such a wonderful week at the ivy...feeling college-aged again! We spent nearly every evening dancing and hanging out until the wee hours of the morning. On every corner and at every turn there is a piece of history...from the meeting place of the Continental Congress to the historic Blair Arch we had a blast being a part of something so special...and maybe making some new history in turn...from surprise performances by the Beach Boys to Naughty By Nature (yes..."you down with OPP") to fabulous food and non-stop fun we are proud to have been a part of Reunions this year! Hopefully the toddler will be able to follow in her Grandfather, Uncle, and Great-grandfather's footsteps one day...we would be so proud!
p.s. I know I missed yet another "Thursday's things" last week but since my Blackberry is so quirky with posting I decided to just resume that post this week.
image credit: Princeton University band...taken by me.

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