Sunday, May 22, 2011

east - west

So, as mentioned in an earlier post, the husband and I will be venturing to the "ivy" this week and I'm in the final throes of wardrobe assembly. While looking for inspiration from my already jam-packed closet and possibly a few "something new" items (yes, I know this is a bridal term but I apply it as necessary when beneficial to...well, anything to do with fashion) I began to stress about possible ensembles. You see, usually I find that longed for inspiration from catalogs and magazines but after perusing all that I have, I sort of gave up and just decided to rely on my usual uniforms of choice...outfits I've tried and tested that have proved successful and fun to wear but maybe not as exciting as I had hoped for. But alas, just when I had made a little list of items to pack I stumbled upon the most wonderful fashion blog that has filled me with so much inspiration I may actually need to take two suitcases! Atlantic - Pacific is a blog of genius proportions. Though I'm late to the this San Fran cutie has been featured on TONS of websites and in other media, I am super pumped to have found her! Today Michael Scott from The Office said..."finished the Internet" - well, not really but I did finish Atlantic - Pacific. I read her very first post all the way to her most current post...well over 100. And while I say "read", it's very little reading actually, only photos of her outfits and then mention of each item's designer or store it was purchased...right down to the color of her nail polish. And in conclusion...there were zero outfits I didn't like, there were TONS that I loved and I have made it my mission to learn to accessorize more thoughtfully. She accessorizes like a maniac and it makes every "look" amazing. Please check this blog out if you're looking for inspiration from your tired wardrobe of staples as I was. I promise you won't be disappointed. And while I don't have the confidence to sport some of the looks I'm certain I'll be able to learn a thing or two and so will you!
p.s. I don't personally know this blogger mentioned above so this isn't a shameless plug but rather a "you're gonna die when you see this girl's style" kind of plug!
image credit: Atlantic Pacific

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