Tuesday, October 12, 2010

play on...

I once told someone that I thought Coldplay's music was the soundtrack of my life...right now anyway. And in college it was Widespread Panic...high school...the Black Crowes. I've thought about that comment many times since I said it. I don't take it back...or think that's changed but, it did get me thinking...there are times in our lives when a song and even an entire album defines us...moves us...as if it were written for us. There are good ones and bad ones...ones that make us cry and others that make us want to roll the windows down and simply escape for a few minutes. While most days are spent as if I were a groundhog who has just predicted 6 more weeks of no naps, tantrums, and skinned knees...a song can get me through. Through the low parts...through the musical chair moments when I feel like everything I do is in circle...with no result. Coldplay's songs are sulky and sullen...but there's an upswing...a sudden shift...a brisk high note and a chord struck that sets a tone to which you can stand strong with. What's your soundtrack? What makes your day a little brighter or helps you...get over yourself? Are they the songs that make you think...that make you look within to find that little piece of you that you knew was there but you needed your soundtrack played to remember? Is it the encore or the thrill of the first note? I guess what makes it unique is the story. The story that you create for the music...the story that plays out while you're living your life...because sometimes you need the music to make a moment real...to feel the beat...of your own drum. It's the song that can take you back...if just for a brief three minutes...and when the music rushes in...those little sparks of memory pick you up and twirl you on pointe with the ease of an old lover. And so I say this...dust off your lp's...turn off the t.v...and turn up your soundtrack. And when the music stops...have a seat and remember why you love it! Here's a little from my soundtrack... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8f1nbxS2ctg

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  1. My current soundtrack is provided by They Might Be Giants. Which oddly enough, isn't that different from my high school soundtrack - except now they are singing about letters and numbers and where to cross the street.


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