Thursday, September 23, 2010


Here we are at the faint beginning of fall and while one should feel refreshed...energized...and ready to pick pumpkins, drink hot coffee again, and thinking of fall fashion...I find myself completely exhausted. I have no energy, no appetite, and desire to move off the sofa which is quite challenging with a 2 year old. While wallowing in my funk I started thinking about my favorite BFF( seriously, she would love, if she knew me) Tori (Spelling). Often I've heard her talk about her own exhaustion and while I always just chalked it up to her being...well, famous and busy and a mother of two, I'm starting to think there's more to it. While I'm at no risk of being featured on a tabloid cover with critics worried about my weight or well-being for that matter, I am feeling like I too might need a stint in a hospital for treatment of "exhaustion" just so I can get some sleep! You see, this thing happens at the beginning of fall... called football. Just so happens that our team is on top which requires a full 5 hours of preparation prior to game time to actually drive to the stadium, fit in the requisite tailgating, and get in our seats before kickoff because of the enormous crowds and general debauchery (that I may or may not participate in). Which means...for the past few weekends I've had...NO weekend at all. No rest, no relaxation, and now I'm paying for it. But with no end in sight and mounting parties, holidays and general..."life as we know it"... I have no idea what I will do. Upside...I think I've lost a few pounds...downside...all my cute fall clothes I have recently acquired aren't going to fit if I keep on this runaway train. So, my question is this...what do I say when checking into the clinic?...I'm tired? I'm not hungry? I'm a celebrity? and more important, will my insurance pay for needing, nap? My guess is "No"! And so, I'll drag myself to the Greek Food Festival tonight, the fair tomorrow, another football game Saturday, and a BBQ Sunday...and I suppose I'll tuck my head under my wing and try to sleep in between. image

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