Tuesday, June 8, 2010

a house or a home?

Sometimes you just want to go home, but in trying to find the "perfect" house I have realized that the home I'm looking for is what we have to make for ourselves. We want to live in a great place to raise our daughter; close to the city and yet still with some distance. I imagine a yard where she can run and play and a house with character and charm that she can grow up in. A home to entertain in and a place that's a refuge for us. A wonderful backyard replete with Italian party lights and hanging lanterns and large wood farm tables for friends and family to gather on nice evenings under the stars. With that said, in our search for just what I have described, I have come to realize that I know exactly the house I want...I want The Braverman's home and unfortunately it's a set for the NBC show Parenthood. I want their backyard (did I mention the yard? ha!) and their farmhouse kitchen. I want their space with all it's quirk and quaint. I want their mismatched outdoor furniture and potting tables overflowing with terracotta. Now...I just need to find the perfect house to make this "home". What is your dream home? What house did you always picture would be yours? I suppose it's really not the "house" that makes a "home" as the old adage goes...it's the love that fills it, the family and friends that gather there, and well...Italian party lights, and occasional outdoor dinners do help! Follow this link for a song and video that'll make you smile! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4306i99LMXo

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