Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday's things...

My state, my town, my college town
Yesterday my town...and my college town were left devastated by an F5 tornado. A tornado that stayed on the ground for over 2 hours. The destruction is overwhelming...from Tuscaloosa to Birmingham and points north and south. The emotions overwhelming. The husband, the toddler, our two dogs, and I are so very lucky to have made it through this but we are saddened for those less fortunate...and there are many. And so, "Thursday's things" are put in perspective for me today...and my focus has shifted to those "things" that really matter...I love my state, my town, my college town and all the people who call it home...and I hope and pray that we can make it through this. We are a strong people, us Southerners...we stick together and I know eventually we will be okay...but for now, my heart is heavy and my emotions overflowing.
above image - view of the masive deadly tornado as it crossed through the downtown area of my town yesterday.
image credit: jtkola

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