Friday, April 15, 2011

ten little piggy's and a mean old fox

As a lover of JCrew and...despite their not knowing me save for a few million dollars I've spent with them, I feel the need to come to their CEO's defense. In the screenshot above , Jenna Lyons is shown painting her son's toenails with pink nail polish that (lucky for me) is available for purchase at JCrew. There is no problem with this photo, no problem with the fact that she and her son are spending time together. If he wants his toenails painted pink then so be it. Who is anyone to judge this? Well, apparently Fox News felt it appropriate to berate this 5 year old's mother for "blurring his gender identity". Dr. Keith Ablow went on to say via Fox News that "JCrew pushes transgendered child propaganda". How so Mr. Ablow? With t-shirts and jeans and sweaters and shoes and nail polish? I suppose I'll step up onto my proverbial soapbox and a mother, I think that it's sickening that people, strangers, media mongers, have the ability to pass judgement on someone's, er...mothering. Unless a child is in danger or is being neglected, there is no reason to question how someone spends time with their child, or dresses their child, or paints their nails. The article goes on to say that this child will never have to endure the taunting and teasing of middle class peers...seriously? Who are these people? My final will be kids, kids want to do things adventurous, outside of the box, they want attention, want to be noticed, and well...if Essie's Pink Parka nail polish does the trick then why not? He's five, he's laughing, his Mother is laughing, they're together, having in the moment. Fox News, you should be ashamed to allow such babble. And so, I leave you with this...a definition that, well...explains the aforementioned attack. fox/fäks/ Noun: A carnivorous mammal (Vulpes and other genera) of the dog family with a pointed muzzle and bushy tail, proverbial for its cunning. Verb: Baffle or deceive (someone). Essie's Pink Parka Nail polish available here at JCrew image credit: JCrew

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