Friday, July 9, 2010

Despite my quest to not "look like a mom" (see This Little Piggy Went to Prada post), my den has become a virtual toy box. My beloved granny smith apple green walls, heavy triple crown picture molding, antique french provencal coffee table, and leather nail head sofa are now flanked with a pack-n-play and various other toys that have some how multiplied overnight it would seem. There's a push toy train parked in it's train shed that is the table that holds our silver...a music table in front of the antiqued scroll wrought iron firescreen...stacking rings, a tiny vacuum, lawnmower, and books from one end of the den to the other. How do I integrate these toys...stuff...etc. without feeling as if we are living in a toy store? While browsing in Rosemary Beach recently I came across the most amazing toy, basket. There it was all steely and french in it's demeanor...clean lines, yet distinctly appropriated for toys as the linen liner suggested. Unfortunately I have no place for this amazing find in my cottage-esque den as of yet but as soon as the train has left it's "shed" and the fat lady has the music table obscuring the fireplace and aforementioned screen...I will find a place for them and all of their perfection. And for Rodrigue Blue Dog will no longer glare down in dismay from his perch above the mantel but rather his words inscribed will become repositioned in meaning...We are Marching Again...yes we are...and without a strewn toy, stuff, or etc. in the way! Aidan Gray Industrial Wire Basket with Toy, Stuff and Ect. Liner Item Number: G84 SET Available at: Tracery Interiors - Aidan Gray Home -

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