Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday's things...

Slowly but surely I'm gaining some ground on this work-from-home thing and full time school for the preschooler and moving craziness!  Hopefully I'll be back in blogging action very very soon.  But, I thought I'd do a "Thursday's things" post just to keep you reading and smiling! 

I'm a bag lady of sorts...I love a tote bag and my closets can attest since they are stashed in nearly every closet of our house!  I'm partial to L.L. Bean and Land's End boat totes because they are timeless and budget friendly.  Of course, I have a list of favorite non-budget-friendly ones I love as well but I'll save you the pain of their pricing on this post.  However, I've discovered a bag that makes me swoon and it could be my new favorite!  Tuckernuck is a genius because this bag captures timeless casual style while also looking very swanky without breaking the bank at $153!  Now, which one will I choose?  I'm leaning toward the 'mango' color since it's a Hermes-esque=orange...but I do love the 'navy' and 'chestnut' as well...which do you like? 

image credit: Tuckernuck 

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