Thursday, May 27, 2010

"this little piggy went to Prada"

Fashion has always been important to me. From Lacoste to Lanvin and all the likes in between...I have been obsessed with alluring fabrics, trimmings, and sparkle. The way each piece looks separately as well as put together. So, in my quest to assemble the best wardrobe amongst my friends, I got married, had a baby and lost touch with reality, or fashion reality that is. What is it about carrying a baby for nine months that makes a person's fashion gene go by the wayside. I mean, I tried really really hard to stay au'courant but after the swelling set in and the burgeoning belly became larger and larger I could only imagine a world filled with flats and sweats and baggy t-shirts. Yes, there are some great flats out there and I did sport Tory Burch moccasins during my pregnancy but maternity clothing just becomes unfulfilling. No pun intended, as the clothes I was wearing toward the end of my pregnancy were, well...quite "filled" to say the least! Over and over I would say to my friends, I don't want to look like a "mom" to which I would always garner comments from my friends like, "well, you ARE a mom". Or worse I then realized that they too are mom's and I was in a way insulting them. Ugh! Doesn't anyone get it? How else can I put it? And then one day it happened...I said the exact same words to a fabulously fashionable mom of two who without question and a bat of her perfectly curled, Dior coated lashes said, " you can be a mom and not look like one"! Bless her heart! She became my hero and so I set upon my quest to remain progressive in my clothing choices, ultra hip in my shoe choices, and well, not a MOM! Yes, I am a mom and I love being a mom to my sweet sweet daughter! A career person I've never been and maybe that's because I've never been happy in any of those jobs. But where is that happiness we're all out there looking for? What drives each of us to get out of bed everyday and do what we do. What thoughts run through your head when you lay your head on your 800 thread count pillowcases at night? For me, it's Chanel and Balenciaga peppered with JCrew and Anthropologie and...the Mui Mui puppy fabric that hit runways earlier this year. It's the kelly green Prada bag I passed up on a trip to New York daughter because for me I am determined to balance being a mom and not looking like one! This Little Piggy went to Prada is sure to be a favorite and is available by clicking here:

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